Share – My seasonal shimmer was dimmer than I had hoped so decorating for Christmas was not on my mind that year.  I was in the midst of a crisis. My life felt like it had been shaken up in a snow globe, and I did not know when the blizzard of tears would stop. Even though we had less than normal circumstances I had a ten-year-old daughter who needed our family to celebrate Christmas. This became ever apparent when my daughter Ella, exclaimed, “Mom, we need lights.” She pointed to our dark yard which it lacked brilliance in comparison to the dancing lights of my neighbors.

I felt like a strand of holiday lights that were being held by a small piece of electrical tape. I was flickering to see God’s faithfulness but I had people in my life who needed me to begin to live again. Ella’s inquiries had bolted my hurting heart and surged me to take action toward healing. I needed to bring elements of joy back to my life but I was downtrodden and I wondered if I could endure the pain of the present.

Insights From Above – My sadness was obstructing my gladness. I was so focused on the past memories that I was having difficulty with the idea of making new ones. I was working in my own strength rather than asking God for help. The  Lord showed me that Mary also found herself in a less than ideal situation because she was a virgin with the vast responsibility to give birth to the prince of peace. She still remained faith-filled even though she was turned away from the inn and birthed her son outside in a manger. Mary’s mindset intrigued me as I was curious that she didn’t grumble and complain to God about her situation. Instead, she embraced it in a song of praise, as we see in Luke 1:46-56. I am sure that this was extremely difficult for her. Now, God was asking me to give birth to holiday traditions during a life storm. We needed to experience the reason for the season and to do so with my Heavenly Father’s strength.

Grounding Scripture And Reflection –  Luke 2:19 “Mary treasured up all these things pondering them in her heart.” After reading this in the Bible, I felt a need to set in motion the concept of living by “heart priorities” which would please Him and set in motion my desire to work towards healthy behaviors. Reflecting on God’s faithfulness in the past while anchoring in the promises of restoration in scripture gave me the glimmer of hope needed.

From My Heart To Yours – Sweet friend, your daily conversations with Jesus can inspire you to think like Mary to treasure the past, hold on to the present, and plan for a future filled with joy. I know that you might be struggling this holiday, but  I firmly believe that the Lord will equip you to move beyond your hardship and into a new season of life. God has a plan for you even in the midst of your pain for He will not forsake you.


  • Humbling ourselves to ask for help will enable us to experience the love of Christ.
  • Opening our hearts to new ways of memory-making will help us set in motion the power of love.
  • Praying for God’s guidance and strength will enable us to prioritize matters of the heart that are pleasing to Him.
  • Exercising our ability to lower our expectations of ourselves and others will aid in our healing process.

Prayer – Our Father in Heaven, thank you for bringing Your son who makes it possible for us to have eternal life.  May I cherish the light of Christ as it is shone into my life and assist me in shining it onto those I encounter this season. Amen