Sweet friends – With fear and unrest in the world right now, I have been brought to my knees, asking God to show me what I can do to give hope to hurting hearts. After reading Colossians 3:14, I was encouraged to put on love. I noticed that people are drawn to adorning themselves with interesting images and often words through t-shirts and tattoos. This inspired me to create a piece that incorporates the word “illuminate” to “light up”. I also felt prompted after reading God’s living word to decorate my heart before my body by displaying qualities that reflect the qualities of Jesus. With my passion for cats, it seemed like a perfect combo to illustrate a “Cat Tat” wearing words on his fur as a reminder to be bright by shining joy, faith, patience, grace, and love onto others. If you are currently going through a difficult time, try hitting the pause button and pray for God to show you His presence during my your life storms. Finding ways to produce positivity despite our problems will bring much healing. How do you plan to illuminate love today, and how can I pray for you? Hugs! D

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