Deana McGarr

Welcome! I am Deana McGarr and it is my desire to blend whimsical art with uplifting words to brighten your day!

I am a wife to Casey and a mother to my thirteen-year-old daughter, Ella. I have been a fitness leader for eighteen years and I am a Pilates-Barre Instructor. I am a certified life coach through The Cooper Institute and hold a BFA in Visual Communications.   For fun, I enjoy cycling, painting, and of course writing.

After my eighteen-year-old son Grant suddenly passed away in 2017, I was inspired after visiting with a dear friend about using the process of creativity to heal my hurting heart. I thus began writing “prayers & shares” as they were the words that I needed to read. I found the process of creating with The Creator to be very cathartic and restorative. This spurred me on to contribute The Families Anonymous pamphlet on grief and I would later go on to lead my own grieving mom’s group which I maintained for one year. I became a featured writer for The Addicts Mom as my son struggled with substance abuse for four years. These endeavors opened the door for me to become a professional volunteer for Proverbs 31 Ministries where I currently co-lead the platform building community group for their Compel Training

I found the process of creating with The Creator to be very cathartic as I am passionate about writing words which till faith, plant hope, and water hearts with love so they will bloom through “Prayers & Shares” and “D’s Doodles’.  Hugs to you~ Deana (Dee-na)