Anxiously awaiting to hear the speaker, I rummaged through my purse, finding everything a girl would need. I had candies, tissues, a journal, makeup, my phone, a hairbrush, and pens. It was all there in my Texas-sized purse, except a highlighter. Ugh! How would I gleam that one nugget of knowledge to help me without highlighting?

As the speaker began to reveal how God had carried her through many difficulties, I received the blessing of a “human highlighter”. I heard” Praises!”, “Amen!”, “Yes! Jesus”, and “God is good!” from the enthusiastic lady sitting behind me as she bullet-pointed the Lord’s faithfulness in the speaker’s story. The difficulties of life had recently deflated me. Still, her praises were a reminder to seek and speak out about God’s goodness. Her verbal victories lifted my spirits, and I felt a change of heart. I was inspired to hit the pause button on my problems and uncover His presence and provision.

Sweet friend, perhaps you are currently facing a bleak situation, and your attitude is shadowed with a dismal outlook.  May the promise found in, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are already doing,” be a source of comfort to you that the Lord uses His people to provide encouragement. All it takes from us is a willingness to detect it daily.

Here are a few ideas that perhaps will help you in cultivating a “human highlighter” attitude when life is not so bright.  

  • Keeping a gratitude journal helps us to detect God’s provision and can positively influence our attitude. Look for the smallest ways that the Lord is making His presence known to you. 
  • Practicing random acts of kindness toward others can become a great blessing. As they brighten another’s life and they can be quite encouraging. Make a list of one thing you can do each week that would help someone in need to experience the love of Christ. 
  • Taking time to connect with other women of faith who are walking in your shoes can bring about great healing. God can use our experiences to offer hope to another hurting heart. There are many Christian based support groups across the country that are designed for prayer and restoration. 

Prayer – Heavenly Father, thank you for Your living word as it is a wonderful source of strength when we are weary and wondering how we will survive our current life storm. Help me to boldly encourage one another in mighty ways that are pleasing to You. May I shine the light of Christ into the lives of those around me. Amen