Share – My husband came in and announced that he had purchased an authentic jukebox. My immediate thought was “What in the world! We need new carpet, not a large metal box in our living room.” Casey went on to explain that he loved the times that we danced together in our garage and thought that we needed to dance again. How accurate were his words!  Sadness lingered since the passing of our eighteen-year-old son. The atmosphere was quiet and dismal without Grant’s presence. We missed our son playing his music. It might not have been my favorite genre, but his songs brought much vitality to our family, and now our home was lackluster. While Casey’s initial idea seemed a little outlandish; it helped me remember how much songs have had an impact on my life.

Insights From Above – Music has a way of making melodies that don’t just touch our ears, but make an impression on our hearts. For many years, I have let the canvas of my day be prepared by beautiful gospel songs. The words in the songs are crafted in a way which brings the living word of God alive.  These melodies help me stay afloat through my life storms. Lyrics that have been inspired by the gospel soothe my heart aches and are medicine for my soul. Each word is strung together like a strand of lights illuminating hope into many dark days.

On the morning before my son’s passing, I hit the repeat button over and over while listening to a song. This particular song had four well-crafted words that spoke into my spirit, “You are not your own”. It was those simple words that served as a reminder that Grant did not belong to me. He was my child, I was entrusted with parenting him and guiding him; however, he belonged to the Lord and was His. Through those lyrics, I was reminded that He was on loan to me. 

The words of the song that I was listening to on the morning of the accident, sang to me in my head as I stood on the side of the road watching my son being treated by the paramedics; I was soothed by a song.

Implementation – Some songs remind us of the times we have shared with our loved ones. Sometimes, that might make us sad, but it also might serve as a reminder to focus on the time that we had with them instead of dwelling on the time that we don’t have now.  Allowing myself to listen to one of my son’s favorite songs also makes me fondly remember the time that he was part of our lives.

Grounding Scripture – Ephesians 5:1- “Speaking to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and making music with your heart to the Lord.”

Prayer –  Lord, thank you for using song to speak to us when we can not make sense of Your words without a soft melody.  May my heart be receptive to receive Your message. Open my spirit to gain comfort in music inspired by the Gospel. Amen

More healing words online at groundedwords. By Deana McGarr, Copyright 2018

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