Share- My storm has  blown in the faithful friends who are able to help me  heal just by being present to listen, love and demonstrate compassion. I have found that new friendships drift in with other mothers walking in my shoes and those relationships are gifts from above. When I opened my heart to total healing, then I was able to receive the insight and support that they had to offer. Our conversations provide shelter for both of us from the rain and together we walk one day at a time towards wellness. I pray that you will be blessed with one friend who is willing to walk by your side with an umbrella in hand and cry tears with you in the midst of your storm.

Grounding Scripture- “A friend is there to help in any situation…” Proverbs 17:17

Prayer- Father, I am forever grateful for the friend who walks with me in the midst of my storm and showers me with love and kindness.- Amen

by Deana McGarr, Copyright 2018

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