Friends – I was uprooted and wilting with worry, as a massive and once majestic tree lay on its side amid broken branches and exposed roots. The displaced tree was a reminder of my own catastrophic life storm which had created much destruction. It barricaded the walking path forcing me to pause, reflect, and respond to the detour that life had taken. I was in a rubble of ruminations doubting God’s goodness as now  I felt troubled. My greatest fear had come to pass, and now my “what if’s” were a reality. In shock and filled with trepidation, wondering why and how my life would now take shape.

The storm-ravaged tree waited next to a crane to be planted again. It seemed like a difficult feat to put a tree that size into the ground, but it was clear that attempting to save the parched tree was far better than letting it perish. The twisted tree was urgently needing to be revived, replanted, and watered.

I had a choice to be like the tangled tree and replant myself in God’s promises.

After my tsunami struck, I was hoping to gain insight on how to transplant and refresh my mind in the Living Word, thus I was drawn to read Psalms 1:3. “He is like a tree planted by streams of water yielding its fruit in season, whose leaf does not wither, and who prospers in all he does.” The words “planted” and “whose leaf does not wither” resonated with me. Regardless of my emotions, the Lord pressed on my heart that restoration would come after I remained rooted in His truth. Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I learned how to laugh, love, and make new memories while using my pain to help hurting hearts.

Sweet friend, disastrous life storms roar in with little warning and no preparation. I do not know what struggles you are encountering, but I am here to encourage you to keep praying, believing and seeking God’s presence. The Lord will not forsake you for he has plans to prosper you. I urge you to seek Him wholeheartedly.

  • The soil of your heart can be tilled by trusting God’s faithfulness in the past, present, and future.
  • Plant in the promises of hope for healing daily in His living word.
  • Water your hurting heart with love by speaking healing scripture over your mind, body, spirit, and soul so that you will bloom.

Heavenly Father, assist us with our anxieties so that we will remain grounded, hence grow in Your love and grace. Amen

You have been prayed for today. Feel free to share your own uprooted story in the comments and a verse which has helped you remain rooted.  Hugs & prayers, D

I am a  lifestorm survivor l and believe in the power of prayer. This is my “prayer and share” &  faithblog to help you ground and grow in #godsword.

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